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Computer Repair Albuquerque

Hello ! Welcome to Computer Repair Albuquerque


If you have found your way here then you have a computer problem which you most likely need repaired right away.

There are so many computer repair stores in Albuquerque and finding a dependable computer repair service can sometimes be a daunting task.

I started working with computers in 1988 and have seen the transformation of computer technology from the early days; it’s astounding.

I’m a consumer and Albuquerque resident just like you and I’ve visited and/or purchased services from practically every computer store in town. And, as customer I expect to be treated fairly and want great computer service too.

So who do you go to when your computer is broken or when you want to buy a new or used computer?

There are some popular choices in town which include Dr. Dans Computers, PC Place, Data Doctors, Computer Corner, Sandia Computers and of course Absolute Computing. These are just a hand full of the computer stores in Bernalillo County.

There are many to choose from and if your computer or laptop is running slow or has a virus,then you want a local shop with qualified computer technicians who can fix your computer.

Ok, so why a site call Computer Repair Albuquerque and why should you listen to what I have to say?

Well first of all, I don’t own a computer store but I do know a little about computers and common problems which can cause a computer to crash, lock up, blue screen or simply not work at all. I’ve been a customer at virtually every computer store in Albuquerque at one point or another and I’ve been pleased with the service; most of the time.

So I started Computer Repair Albuquerque as a place to go for local consumers who want to find a local reliable and affordable computer shop which can handle all your computer needs.

Whats Wrong With My Computer?

Most computer problems are a result of computer viruses, spyware and malware. Computer technology has come a long way. Modern computers are very sophisticated and seldom have hardware issues so if your system is broken it’s most likely a software issue.

The first thing you should do is backup your data of course at the first sign of computer trouble, and you don’t have to be a geek in order to do this.


Data recovery and virus spyware removal are common fixes computer technicians deal with each day.

Backup your data. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, we all have, but how many times do we actually do it? It’s only when things go bad that we realize; “I should have backed up my computer.”

A Reliable Albuquerque Computer Repair service

We all want a reliable computer repair store that delivers dependable computer services.

Obviously you want:

  • Friendly, Professional,Personable and knowledgeable staff
  • Personal consultation
  • Fast turnaround
  • Warranty
  • Affordable pricing
  • Convenient location
  • Experience and years in operation
  • Certified Technicians

Other things to consider when you need tech support might be services including,instant remote access,networking,wireless setup,software installation and on-site service.

The best computer service should be able to quickly diagnose, repair and tune your computer system. Even if it’s just a slow computer.

There’s nothing more frustrating and frightening then having your computer go out and realizing that you may lose all of your data. Most of us have experienced this and believe me it’s no fun.

When it happens to you; all you want is to have your computer fixed without losing any of your precious data. Having a competent computer repair shop and technician can make all the difference.

Can My Computer Data Be Saved?

If your data is intact and your computer registry isn’t corrupt chances are it can be recovered. But if it’s severly damaged changes of recovery can be remote.

A proper computer diagnosis is very important because if you data can be saved; it should be. There are times when your operating system, usually Windows Vista or Windows 7, will have to be reloaded. But this should only be done as a last resort.

Reloading your O.S. is a common recommendation by shops in the computer repair business. So ask plenty of questions and insist on the recovery of your data first.


Albuquerque Computer Store Reviews

It’s a good idea to check your local computer stores company reviews to get an idea about how they do business. I designed Computer Repair Albuquerque to help you, the average consumer, make an informed decision when choosing a local computer store when your laptop or desktop computer system breaks.

You can also search the local company listing in the Albuquerque computer repair directory, superpages, local yellow pages or Google maps. You will find many listings in the Rio Rancho and Santa Fe area also.

Once you find a computer shop close to you, check out the customer reviews and see what previous customers are saying. You will find good and bad reviews so read them all carefully and take each with a grain of salt.

Consumer testimonials should be used as a guideline. Every experience is unique but doing your homework can save you time and money on your computer repair costs. After all, you want the best computer help you can afford.